We are a society, one where the only requirement is having good taste. From the clothes you wear to the extracts you love, we align with those that value the finer things in life.  In the cannabis space we are the extract connoisseur’s brand, dedicated to making what we love: world class hash oil products.


Established in 2013, we were early pioneers in the cannabis extraction industry. Through the years, we’ve become recognized and respected as leaders in product quality by continuously pushing the art and science of extraction.

Our process starts with focusing on the quality, complexity, and integrity of the raw materials. Sourcing from only Oregon’s most premiere cultivators who share our unwavering passion, we ensure that each strain’s unique aroma, flavor, and cannabinoid expression becomes the embodiment of the products we craft.

Once in our state of the art extraction lab, our highly experienced team led by our founder and resident chemical engineer carefully selects only the best oils that meet the Dab Society quality guarantee: Appearance, Aroma, Flavor, and Effect. It is truly the cream of the crop that goes into any Dab Society product.

With our pure sourcing and processing methods, our extracts express their true character with confidence, just like you do.